The Fitru Waist Trimmer was born out of necessity after we tried countless other waist trimmers that were flimsy and cheap, falling apart after a couple weeks of use and not big enough to cover our entire abdominal area. We decided to design and manufacture a weight loss belt that would out last and out perform any other belt on the market! This waist trimmer promotes sweat, fat loss, waist compression, waist & back pain relief and provides extra support to the abdominal area and lower back.

The Fitru Waist Trimmer is meant to be worn during exercise providing the benefits mentioned above. Don't be fooled by other abdominal belts that want you to believe you can wear their belt and sit on your butt all day magically losing weight. Everything worth having takes work and this belt is not a magical solution but will definitely help you along your way.

While other belts fall apart at the seams and result in cheap crumbling neoprene ours is tough and durable. The seams of our materials are double stitched to ensure they stay together and we only use the highest of quality latex-free thick medical grade neoprene. 

Our ab trainer measures at 9" X 42" fitting most people and covering the entire waist section. The belt conforms to your shape and doesn't bunch up or roll for maximum comfort. No need to keep readjusting during your workout, just put it on and get to work!

Our velcro is super tough and covers a large area never coming detached during a workout. The inner surface of the belt is designed so it won't slip and slide around on your stomach. The inner surface is also designed to not absorb sweat but repel it for better hygiene. 

Our Ab Belt works great for men and women as well as all shapes and sizes of people. The waist trimmer contours to your shape and we have a size for everyone to ensure a great fit for you! You can click here to view the different size options and additional information on Amazon.

This weight loss belt increases your core temperature, promoting weight loss and providing therapeutic heat. It will also help with posture and lower back/lumbar support, making sure you are not straining yourself. The belt also promotes water weight loss!

The Fitru Waist Trainer is sold exclusively on Amazon. Click below to view on Amazon!



Founded in 2015 by fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes we are a small business dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality fitness products and providing them to our customers at an affordable price. Our team researches, designs and tests every product we manufacture. All of our products come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY when product is registered within 14 days of purchase!

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